Classy and sexy lingerie from Love and Hate

We dedicate our brand to those, for whom the highest quality and beautiful designs matter the most. Besides modern cuts and premium quality fabrics, we offer you lingerie made entirely by hand, locally in Poland.

Our lingerie is seductive, beautiful and comfortable. Dominated by timeless and elegant black. Decorated with transparent lace, embroidery and piping. In our store you will find bras, panties, garter belts and nightys, but we also have something special for those of you that love bodysuits and slipdresses.


Gorgeous styles and solid construction

What makes ideal lingerie? That perfect blend of looks and functionality. Here at Love and Hate we emphasize quality, therefore all of our clothes are made in family ran, polish manufactures. We saw everything by hand from the highest quality fabrics available. This combined with our true and tested designs make our lingerie something that makes us truly proud. If you haven’t had a chance to try it yourself quite yet, now’s the time.


Bridal lingerie experts

On that day everything has to be perfect. Your wedding dress is obviously going to be catching stares, but what’s underneath it is equally important. The panties and the bra are the foundation of the outfit, and often may have a lot of impact on how the dress ends up looking on you. In our store you’ll find plenty of examples of gorgeous sets made for that purpose exactly - to ensure, that on the day of your wedding your underwear is something that supports you and lets you focus entirely on what’s the most important.


Beautiful swimsuits, every day of the year

If you ever wanted to get out for a last minute holiday during winter you should know how troublesome it may be to buy a perfect swimsuit at that time of the year. Most shops only have them seasonally, which means that finding that perfect set can be hard bordering on impossible.

That’s why here at Love and Hate we offer you our entire swimsuit collection all year round. After all you might need one anytime. In our collection you’ll find retro inspired bikinis, sexy one-pieces and more, all of that in modern patterns, styles and colors.


Lingerie and swimsuits are just the beginning…

Our offer continues to grow. In your store you’ll find not only sexy lingerie and swimsuits but also lovely satin slipdresses, trendy kimonos and velvet bodysuits.

But what they all have in common is impeccable quality, best materials and beautiful designs. Do you want to experience what real premium lingerie feels like? Look no further.