Bridal lingerie - beautiful or functional

There are a lot of us out there dreaming about that perfect fairy tale wedding. Since young age we plan our dream wedding and the wedding dress that we will wear on that day. And when the date for the wedding is set, it’s time to start preparing the stylization.

Of course, the dress is the centerpiece, but there is something equally important that we often don’t talk about - the lingerie underneath it. It’s very important to spend some time searching for that perfect set. Why? First of all, lingerie is the setting stone of each stylization. Without the right bra or panties the dress won’t look the way it was meant to, not to mention the confidence boost sexy lingerie gives you. Secondly, lingerie that you will wear on the big day should be the same set you wear during the try-ons as well, which means that you can’t just decide on it last minute. Thirdly, it must be both beautiful and functional, unless you’re planning for two sets - that might not be a bad option after all!

What colour lingerie for a wedding?

The safest choice is nude or beige, which will neatly match the skin color. Some dresses allow for white lingerie, but that depends on the design, which is why try-ons are so important. If nude is the only colour which will work with the dress, then white lingerie is a must-have for the wedding night.

In our offer you’ll find a large selection of lingerie, including some of our newest additions in beige. You can see more of it HERE.

Lace bridal lingerie

White embroidery and lace is something that without a doubt matches the wedding setting. Our offer has recently been expanded to include the gorgeous Valentine set - soft bra, tied thong and a garter belt. Delicate, embroidered tulle in ecru finished with golden decorations really makes it a very special set, perfect for unique occasions such as weddings. The bra works great with plunge necklines. The thong highlights the thighs and slims down the waistline. Thanks to the regulated straps they can be adjusted to your individual body and the dress. Of course, the set won’t be complete without a garter belt, which adds just a little bit of spice to the whole set… and keeps the stockings in place, of course.

Do you prefer stiff bras? No problem.

Even though a good part of the bras we have are sof, we have something for those of you who prefer stiffer cups as well. Our Vanilla bra will be a great choice for you - it’s made of the same tulle and lace as the Valentine set, and looks just as good together with the thong and garter belt from that set. Shaped and profiled cups work great with deeper necklines and the adjustable circumference ensures that the bra perfectly matches your body type.