Guide to finding the perfect swimwear this summer

Finding the right bikini seems almost impossible, and you’ve just decided to go on vacation? Piece of cake. Here at Love and Hate we offer you swimsuits all year long, because we know that a week in the sun is always a good idea. If there’s water nearby, a perfect bikini is a must have. Which one to choose? Here we go.

Classic reliable bikini. 

Two piece swimwear is always a good choice. It reveals and and highlights all of our best features and ensures a great, even sun tan. Low rise bottoms are becoming more and more popular and work great with underwire supported bras that subtly raise the bust. By selecting a two piece, you decide on revealing and highlight not only the breast and the butt, but also your back, stomach and hips. Models which are tied around the sides make the legs seem extremely long which is very flattering, and what’s maybe even more important you can always mix and match tops and bottoms to create the perfect set for you. This season whites and blues are very popular, and you’ll find plenty of those on our offer. 

High rise two pieces

Those retro inspired models are incredibly sexy and remind us of Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren and the golden age of fashion. They’re incredibly sexy and seductive, but do a great job of covering the strategic parts. High rise bottoms are super comfortable, and they do make you feel that way. This style is very flattering for the figure and subtly highlights the thighs, waist and all the curves. By choosing this kind of a bikini you follow the latest trends that are just that for all the fight reasons. And again, as with every two piece swimwear, you’re free to mix and match the tops and bottoms to create your own, one of a kind set. 



Seductive one piece

This season one piece swimsuits are on top, and amaze with the variety of cuts and colours, If there’s something that they all have in common, it’s the fact that they’re all very feminine and are allies to all of our shapes and sizes. They’re also great for swimming - there is no risk that they’re slip off when you decide to be active. In our offer you will find a selection of swimsuits that are not only comfortable but designed to make you look stunning the moment you put them on. Most of them have very open backs that work great during sun tanning sessions, and because we don’t like boring we also decided to go with a variety cut outs, straps and colours to ensure, that you’ll find a perfect fit for yourself.