Perfect Christmas gift for her? Lingerie from you.

We love lace lingerie, especially so when we receive it as a gift. Gentlemen, this article has been written just for you. Learn how to choose the perfect set for you woman, if only the lace lingerie can be romantic, what briefs and bras to select and how to avoid committing a faux paus at the Christmas dinner. 

Lingerie for a lover

Well fitting and elegant lingerie is the perfect choice for a Christmas or any occasion really. We appreciate not only the gift itself, but the thought and time spent selecting a product that suits our unique bodies and personalities. 

That’s why before you even start searching, first pay attention to her preferences. Does she like underwear that reveals a lot, or maybe likes more built up lingerie? Briefs or thongs? 

Buy her something she will feel comfortable wearing. Also, make sure that unpacking the present isn’t going to end in with a room fool of awkward stares and sighs. Lingerie, especially more revealing lace kinds is very intimate. Maybe it would be a better choice to give it to her in private as her aunts or grandmothers may not appreciate the gift as much as she will. 

Lace is the safe choice

Each one of us likes to have at least one set of lace lingerie in our wardrobe. Fabrics and materials are the most important choice. High quality wears well and looks good, regardless of the shape or colour. 

If you’re not quite sure what style to go for, go with the classics. Lace briefs and traditionally cut bras are sure to make her feel good. But, if you know what she likes, don’t be afraid to go with more extravagant styles - see our new arrivals section. 

If you decided to select lace, black is always the right choice. It’s so feminine, elegant and sexy and we are yet to meet a woman who doesn’t like classic black lingerie. But, if you know your lady prefers something else, white or skintone are also your friends. 

Velvet Christmas

In colder months of autumn and winter international runways are full of velvet lingerie, or ones that combine both lace and velvet. It’s a great solution that works beautifully with classic styles, and a perfect choice mature women that appreciate sophistication and comfort. Velvet bras are especially sought after, as the smooth fabric remains nicely concealed under clothing.  But lingerie doesn’t just end on panties and bras. Beautiful velvet bodies may also be a great choice for your lady - they can be used in everyday stylizations or for intimate occasions and will accentuate the features of the woman you gave this unique gift. 

What about the size?

Picking the correct size might be overwhelming, but don’t be worried. On our website you will find a comprehensive guide that will help you through. From this article you will learn everything you need to know to make sure that your present is a perfect fit.