Fall in love with lace (if you haven’t yet)

Elegant lingerie is a must have in every wardrobe. Light lace is the best example of that, so sexy, so feminine that we can’t imagine a world without it. Why do we love lace so much? Here’s the answer. 


It’s just so special.

There’s plenty of fabrics that you can make lingerie out of, but nothing comes close to the feeling you get when you put on lace. Whether it’s briefs, thongs, a bra or a balconette, as long as it’s made of lace wearing it makes us feel so good. It immediately enhances any outfit, whether it’s just an everyday top and jeans or an evening dress, with a set of lace lingerie underneath it immediately becomes an eleven. 


The confidence boost.

The magic of lace doesn’t end with how it looks. Do you ever get this feeling of being on top of the world, being able to do whatever you want? Wearing a sexy set of lace lingerie, or even lace decorated tops just gives us that confidence we need to just storm through our everyday life. Try it out - you’ll never go back to the old ways.


Sex appeal 

It’s no secret that we look best wearing a matching set of lace lingerie. If there’s something that both sexes tend to agree on, it’s probably that. But there’s more. Of course, you can’t just walk around in just lingerie wherever you go (unfortunately we’re not there quite yet), but even when covered by clothes lace will make you feel sexy. There’s something yet undiscovered about how our senses work - even just a slight touch of a lace, small decorations our the previously mentioned spicy lingerie concealed under an everyday outfit will make you feel so sexy. 


Embellish yourself

It becomes more and more common to include parts of lingerie as visible elements in our stylizations. In the summer we pick cut out dresses and tops, in the winter large, oversized sweaters are a very popular choice. A piece of lace lingerie peeking from underneath completes the stylization and gives it a feminine, romantic touch. Lace tops or bodies can also be used as a basic together with a jacket to create a unique outfit that seamlessly combines professional and sexy. Lace decorated bands, tapes or straps in the cleavage are a great replacement for jewelry and will subtly decorate your body. We think it’s important to realize that nowadays there is no divide for utilitarian, feminine or sexy. Lingerie that is a quintessence of sex appeal can also be comfortable and worn on day to day basis and used to enhance your everyday life. 


Love and Hate

Our love for lace is absolute. We offer you the most beautiful premium lingerie. Made with the highest quality materials and designed up to the most modern standards. We believe that lace lingerie is the symbol of feminine strength and independence, that’s why all of our products are 100% handmade with love.