It’s time for velvet

Velvet lingerie is starting to gain love amongst many of you for several seasons already. Velvet bras, panties or bodysuits are extremely comfortable, functional and well, just beautiful. Often matched with lace, mesh or satin they can be worn both as everyday underwear or a part of a special set.



Velvet magic

Velvet was at the peak of its popularity in the 40s and 50s, but for the past few seasons it slowly made its way back into modern couture, including lingerie. No surprise here, as velvet is as fair and elegant as it is sensual. Soft and delicate, it’s very easy to wear for long hours, and it can be very, very sexy, especially when accompanied by other classic lingerie materials such as lace or subtle satin. 

Thanks to the return of soft cups in fashion, velvet is more and more easy to see in bras. It’s very flattering, it enhances the feminine features and curves and most importantly it’s very different from what we’re usually used to in lingerie.



Taking care of velvet

If you decide to expand your collection with velvet lingerie you should be aware that it does require some special treatment to last. Most importantly, it’s best to wash it by hand in low temperatures with no detergents other than simple soap. Otherwise, it may lose its softness. As velvet tends to catch fibers from other fabrics it’s also recommended cleaning it with a clothing brush. Following those few simple steps is a way to make sure that your velvet will be like brand new for a long time.