Sexy lace or smooth, delicate satin? You don’t have to choose…

The choice between stylish and sexy lace and seductive, delicate satin can be quite challenging. Do you have to choose? Fortunately not. Why? Because we’re introducing some brand-new designs which incorporate both of these timeless, feminine fabrics.

Lace me up!

Let’s start with lingerie. If you’re looking for sexy nude lingerie you couldn’t have found better. Soft beige tulle decorated with floral embroidery is the hallmark of the Vivienne set. 

This lace bra supports and raises the bust, thanks to its unique construction based on a profiled foam. The shape of the cups is unique, making this bra an ideal choice for dresses with deep, plunge necklines. Additionally, to ensure the perfect fit, this model allows you to adjust not only the length of the shoulder straps, but also the under band. 

The perfect set wouldn’t be perfect without a perfect bottom. Vivienne thong is an ideal choice. Decorated with thin, subtle straps, that frame and shape your body. Just like in the bra, the straps are adjustable to ensure that the panties will fit your individual silhouette perfectly. It’s best to wear them high on the hips. This will not only visually lengthen the legs but will also slim down and underline the waistline. 

But let’s get back to the top for a second. If you prefer soft cups, we have something for you too. Vivienne thong will look great when matched with the Lu Lou bra. It’s made from the same fabrics and lace, except that it has soft, triangular cups. 

Vivienne and Lu Lou will work great as bridal lingerie as well. Is this what a perfect set looks like? That’s what we think.


Who doesn’t love satin? 

Can there be anything more enjoyable than sinking into cool, satin bedding?

This feeling can only be matched by sleeping in satin pajamas. Among the new arrivals on our website you’ll find black satin pajamas Layla. Wide belt, plunge neckline and cutout back make it a sexy and comfy bedroom outfit. Actually, don’t save it just for the bedroom.  Together with heels and some jewelry it will do great as a summer outfit for a party or a date night. 

For calm evenings at home, it’s a nice match for the Dora satin gown. After all, can you even have too much cool satin?