We know all about Christmas gifts. Here’s a few ideas.

It’s no secret that the best Christmas prezzies are the ones that are given from the heart. And there’s nothing more intimate or personal, that elegant lingerie. It’s a great idea for a gift that isn’t reserved only for lovers - feel free to give it to your girlfriend, daughter, sister or best friend. Or if you so choose, make it a present for yourself - after all, it’s you who knows best what you want and you deserve to feel sexy and beautiful. 


What to choose? 

Lingerie is personal, and everyone has their own individual taste. It’s best to know it beforehand, although in case you don’t, we say that timeless black lace is always the right choice. Or, if you want to make it a little bit more festive, go with red - it will add a little Christmas touch to the set. 

Bodies or slip dresses are also a very good choice. They can be used in everyday stylizations which is a great benefit. It’s also a safe solution if you’re not sure about the bra size of the recipient. In that case, a soft bra is an option worth considering. 

If you want to highlight the winter aura, velvet is your friend. It’s a fantastic choice for colder winter months. It’s ultra feminine, and looks gorgeous especially when decorated with lace elements. Additionally, velvet lingerie is smooth and can be worn everyday - it stays nicely concealed under clothing. 



What are largest fashion trends right now?

On international runways lace reigns supreme. It’s timeless and elegant. When combined with modern cuts or enhanced with straps or underbust bands it gains a brand new look. It’s elegant, sophisticated and not at all provocative. 

All more often modern lingerie uses fabrics and textures we haven’t seen before. Thongs made with straps, lace and velvet constantly amaze us, and semi transparent mesh bras are loved all around the world. Variety is never ending and you will find it in our collections. Pay special attention to those: 

  • velvet lingerie
  • satin slip dresses
  • transparent or semi transparent mesh
  • soft cups
  • lace tops

Those are the trends worth following. They amaze with their elegance and materials, which we love. And for us the latter are the most important. Because high quality lingerie isn’t just about the cuts and trends, but primarily what it’s made of. Only the best materials give the confidence, that the person you gift will enjoy the softness of the lingerie everyday. 


What to look for?

Lingerie can be a personal and an intimate gift, but it doesn’t mean it’s reserved just for couples. Your friends or family will also enjoy it, regardless which Santa gave it to them. 

Just remember to not be tempted to select something you wouldn’t feel comfortable receiving yourself. Elegance is always better than provocative sets. It’s best if you know the preferences of the recipients beforehand, but if you don’t, trust in classic briefs and bras. 

If you’re not certain about the size, don’t worry - we prepared a special article about that too. Read this https://loveandhateofficial.com/blogs/news/struggling-to-find-your-perfect-lingerie-size-let-us-help and find out how to make sure that the gift fits perfectly.