Struggling to find your perfect lingerie size? Let us help.

Is it even possible to find the perfect size without professional help? Will it surprise you if I tell you that yes, absolutely? The secret lies in taking proper measurements, and this is where most of us fail. Let me tell you how to do it.


But first of all, if you need to measure yourself and go through all that hassle, why should you even bother ordering online? Why not just go to a store, and make sure that whatever you buy fits you right there. Well, you just can’t beat the variety offered by online stores, and when you finally figure out how to find your perfect size, you won’t ever have to go to a store ever again. 



So, how do you go about finding your bra size?

It’s that one thing, that just needs to fit perfectly, no doubt about that. It can’t be too loose, or it won’t provide necessary support. If it’s too tight, it can really ruin the day or even lead to long lasting consequences, which you obviously don’t want. 

When finding your size, you will need two separate measurements - the bust circumference and the chest circumference underneath it.

Chest circumference - to measure it, stand straight with your arms down along your body. Don’t tighten up and keep breathing. It will be the easiest if you ask someone for help. Then, take measurements of your chest right underneath the breasts. Best do it nude or wearing a bra, but not over clothes. Make sure that the measuring tape runs tight but doesn’t cause you discomfort. 

Bust circumference - First, wear a bra, ideally soft cups and without any padding or push up. Measure your yourself at the widest spot The tape shouldn’t be too tight to cause any deformations, but it shouldn’t be so loose that it hangs down. 


Those are the most important steps - what’s next?

Just a little, simple math. Let’s use an example. Let’s say that the bust circumference equals 50, and the chest circumference equals 47. 50 minus 47 equals 3, therefore your bra size is 50C. Take a look at the measuring table below. Essentially, the chest circumference is your band size, and the difference between is the cup size you’re looking for. Pretty simple, right?

Give it a go and see how it compares with the size you think you are. And when ordering online, remember that when buying from us you can return the item if you find that it doesn’t fit you perfectly. 


Now, for panties.

Finding your perfect size for panties is fortunately, significantly easier. The most important step is measuring your hips. The tape should comfortably touching your skin and not cause any deformations. When buying high rise panties, taking measurements of your waist is also not a bad idea. Compare the results with this chart and find exactly what size you are.